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Welcome to my blog! As you can see this blog is all about cheer! I give advice about cheer and answer questions as best as I can! If you want, submit me your videos and pictures! enjoy!*
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Posted: October 10th
Posted: October 10th
Posted: October 10th

getting back into the GAME!*

I have been getting a lot of comments on how to get back into cheer if you stopped for awhile. Here are some helpful tips to help get you started, its not easy but with hard work you’ll be able to gain the skills you thought you lost:

  1. RUN… yes i know its getting cold out but you can still wear a sweatshirt and get a quick run in before class or after. Also you can always go to the gym and use the machines there.
  2. Start stretching again, before you go to sleep or just when you wake up or even before a run, stretch all your muscles this will help prevent pulls and also help get your flexibility back.
  3. To work on getting your tumbling and jumps back go to your local gymnastics place and ask to get some help spotting or for use of the gym for some days. Usually if a cheer team goes its very cheap to pay.
  4. Lastly start eating healthy again, sometimes if you haven’t work out your body in a long time you will be over hungry and want to eat everything. Grab a healthy snack like fruit, trail mix and some water.

Hopefully these tips will help, if you have any ideas for what my next tip of the day should be message me! My ask box is always open and anon is on too!

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Posted: October 10th
Posted: October 10th
Posted: October 10th


My orange babies. <3 

Werkkk itttt .
Posted: October 10th
Posted: October 10th
Posted: October 10th
Posted: October 10th
Posted: October 10th